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Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that works to improve the living conditions and lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Ethiopia. We are a project based organization that grants money to fund carefully chosen projects that meet our partners' needs. 

We work in partnership with local organizations to support the emotional and physical needs of these children. It is our goal to ensure that every child in our partner programs' has his/her basic needs met. These include food, shelter, clean water, education, and a loving influence. 

There are an estimated 5 million orphans in Ethiopia and the need for EOR's programs is vast. We are committed to expanding our programs to help as many children as possible.

EOR's partners are Ethiopian based non profit organizations with varied mission statements. EOR makes contact with prospective partner organizations who care for orphan and vulnerable children in Ethiopia, and only after careful extensive investigation are those organizations chosen to be EOR partners. None of our partners are involved with adoption, but instead to support orphan and vulnerable children in a community contact.

We are a "project based" non profit. Some of the projects we have funded include medical supplies, water projects, feeding program, community center, home for HIV affected children, nutritional programs, playgrounds, school supplies and much more. 

Our Partners



Lola Children's Home mission is to provide housing, medical and educational services for HIV-affected orphans and vulnerable children in Ethiopia. Lola is located in Mekelle, in the Northern Tigray region. Lola was founded because Mekelle had no services available for HIV-affected children, many of whom are left without family or government support after their parents' illness or  death.

 EOR was thrilled to supply the children of Lola with new beds, mattresses, sheets and blankets in 2010. In 2011 we visited and rode in the EOR funded 15 passenger van which directly improved the lives of the children enabling easy transport, shipping, and fast access to urgent medical care. 

In 2012 EOR built a HIV clinic, granted livestock, and funded a chicken coop that provides nutritious eggs for the children. Other projects funded in 2012-2013 included tables and chairs for the school, washing machine, kitchen supplies, computers, camera, medical supplies, and infant formula.  In 2017 we completed the funding for a new home for the children at Lola. We are currently fundraising for a K-4 grade school.



Children's Heaven is located in Addis Ababa, the capitol city of Ethiopia and is dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and vulnerable girls who have lost one or both parents to AIDS. It's mission is to embrace, empower and minimize their socio-economic vulnerability. At Children's Heaven the girls acquire skills, and knowledge, while developing the confidence and self-reliance needed to live healthy productive adult lives. Children's Heaven strives to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual  needs of the 115 girls that are benefiting daily from this amazing program.

Since 2010, EOR has funded a feeding program that ensures the girls get one nutritional meal per day when at Children's Heaven. The impact of this program has been immense and the health of each girl has drastically improved.

EOR applied for a partnership with Crotonville Programs through General Electric (GE) and we and were thrilled to be chosen as a "Partner in Giving." Through this program, GE employees raised over $15,000 to fund the Chicken coop expansion and tutoring rooms created income generation for the CH program and gave the girls a clean, healthy, quite place to study. EOR has funded many other Children's Heaven projects including: library, livestock, computers, temporary housing structures, health education, and improved education opportunities. 



 Water 1st mission is to serve families in the poorest communities in the world as they implement community-managed projects that provide a water supply, sanitation, and health education. 85% of the total population live in rural areas. Health indicators demonstrate that Ethiopia has serious problems in the area of health care and disease prevention. Water and sanitation-related diseases, particularly diarrhea, are amount the top three causes of death in the country. Only 11% of the population has access to safe drinking water, and many people survive on a strict ration of less then five liters of water per day. 

The work of Water 1st in Ethiopia is focused on the West Showa zone where less then 10% of the population has access to safe water and even fewer have access to improved sanitation. 

Since 2010, $53,000 has been granted by EOR to help fund massive water projects in 4 different areas of Ethiopia. In Kelecho Gerbi, eight community taps and 50 latrines were built to supply a lifetime of clean, safe water and sanitation for the people of this area. 



Would you like to share your birthday with us? Host a birthday party in your honor and help the children in Ethiopia at the same time. 

From the feeding program at Children's Heaven to the Plumpy Nut Nutritional program at Lola. We can create your own fundraising page to celebrate you and make an impact in Ethiopia. 



If we all extend a hand, imagine how far we can reach. 

EOR has projects that need funding from $100 +. If you would like to learn how you can help change the lives of these vulnerable children contact us. 




Lauren is a founding board member. She's a Certified Nurse Midwife, catching babies in Vancouver, Washington. She's the lead midwife in a busy private practice and enjoys caring for women and teens. She has a B.A. from Hofstra University, a B.S. from Montana State, and a M.S. from Oregon Health Science University. Originally from the East Coast, this "Jersey Girl" has lived out west since 1992. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Casey and their two beautiful, energetic daughters, Meron & Riley. Meron was adopted from Ethiopia in 2007



Ali is a classical singer and voice teacher with a Bachelor of Music from The Ohio State University, and a Masters and Doctorate from Eastman School of Music. She lives in Westerville, Ohio with her children, Lila and Elijah. Lila was adopted from Ethiopia in 2007 and Elijah in 2010. Ali feels strongly about honoring her children's birth country by working to improve the lives of it's orphan and vulnerable children. In her spare time, Ali enjoys running, sewing, knitting, and impromptu dance parties with her children. 



Amy has worked with at-risk youth and been a self-employed photographer.  She has a degree in Photography from the Ohio Institute of Photography & Technology with a B.A. in Art from Ohio State University.  Amy lives in Columbus, Ohio. She's been married to Joel for over ten years. In 2010 they adopted their son, Tesfa from Ethiopia. Giving back to a country that has given her so much is a top priority. When they are not pretending to be superheroes, Amy and her family enjoy camping and biking. 



Kim is co-founder and President of Ethiopian Orphan Relief. After the adoption of her daughter from Ethiopia, she wanted to give back to her daughters homeland. When not volunteering with EOR you might find her cheering on her son's college football team, shopping at Target and enjoying time with her family. She hails from the Big Sky country but now calls Portland, Oregon her home. Married for 24 years she shares her home with her husband Chris and their children Anthony & Annie Rose. Kim is also a former board member for the Maurice Lucas Foundation. Her day job is in the medical field and event consulting.

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